How Many HVAC Zones Should You Have In Your House?

HVAC zoning system is a heating and cooling system that uses dampers in the ductwork to regulate and redirect air to specific area of the house. This allows the house owner to accommodate those different comfort needs, while saving energy.

In order to achieve this, Zoned HVAC is necessary especially if the house has large windows as it may affect the temperature on some part of the residence. For example, the top floor always has a warmer temperature than a lower floor and many other instances.

Now, instead of setting one temperature in one entire house, there are temperature-controlled zones that will still help saving energy by preventing overheating or overcooling in other areas of the house.

But there are things to consider as well before going on a multi-zone HVAC system. This kind of system is only necessary or ideal for house or establishments like finished attics and basements, cathedral, vaulted or high ceilings, picture windows, bay windows, or large glass windows, expansive rooms or extra wings, and guest rooms or spare bedrooms that are rarely used.

So, how many HVAC zones should be installed in a house?

The ideal number of zones to be installed in one house is 2. This is being divided and categorized as upstairs and downstairs. But each HVAC system can be set up to accommodate multiple zones. Each room can even function as its own zone. This can be beneficial actually, especially if everyone prefer a different temperature in their bedroom while they sleep. Remember that each occupant could have different preferences.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of a zoned system?

There are a lot of advantages in using a zoned-HVAC system and here are as follows:

  • More savings

Multi-zone system is easy to regulate when it comes to energy use and of course, that saves money. This is for the reason that less frequently used areas can be set on a warmer temperature in summer or cooler temperature on winter.

  • Extra control and comfort

Everyone in the home could enjoy the temperature that they desire since it is easy to control to thermostat using mobile phone or a remote control.

  • Better air quality

Getting a zoned system for the home can be a great long-term investment indeed. It is not only a question of money but rather the satisfaction of every occupant.